Project Finance

EARTHCORE Investments Limited promotes sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investments. We offer help to companies in emerging markets to improve corporate governance and performance, with the aim of improving lives in local communities.

For maximizing our sustainable development impact, we prioritize five strategic areas:

  • strengthening our focus on frontier markets, particularly the Small & Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs);
  • building long-term international partnerships;
  • active engagement in addressing climate change, as well as environmental and social sustainability;
  • addressing challenges to private sector investment in infrastructure, health, and education;
  • providing assistance in the development of domestic financial markets through institution building, and the use of innovative financial products and resources.

For all new investments, we analyse the expected impact on sustainable development, and as the projects mature, we assess the quality of the development benefits through their direct investment initiatives.

Having trustworthy relationships within the Financial Industry, EARTHCORE Investments Limited is able to arrange financing for large-scale infrastructural projects, and provide assistance in difficult transactions. Our reputable hallmark of trustworthiness, professionalism, consistency and discipline make local and multinational companies, and equity sponsors turn to us to either finance their transactions or ensure that the liquidity is available in times of crisis.

We work very closely with large businesses, whose needs are paramount to us and we place strong emphasis on building long-term relationships. We deliver effective solutions through our platform trading accounts. We partner with clients and ensure that their project-financing needs are met in time and within budget.