CEO’s Message

The continuing story of our growth since our inception in 2007, is a testament of our adaptability and innovative approach to seeking solutions in our dynamic environment. On our way to becoming a leading Energy / Oil & Gas Company in the West African region, we have successfully met the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace, and indeed, contributing substantially to the region’s oil supply chains.

At the beginning of our journey in Ghana, we found ourselves in a new market with great potential for growth. Our expansion has mirrored that of the wider regional market and now, we are proud to be one of the contract holders of Tema Oil Refinery and to successfully secure permit for the construction of a 185 thousand MT refinery in Ghana.

We owe our success to the talented pool of professionals who have tirelessly worked to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of services, consultancy in and outside the country. Today, we offer end-to-end consultancy, ranging from planning, supply, construction and designing, to developing energy solutions in Africa.

Taking advantage of the geographical synergies provided by our location in Ghana, we look forward in the future to consolidating our position as a major energy provider in the regional market, and plan to provide even greater services of value to our customers while expanding our reach into newer markets.

We are confident that our team will continue the journey and meet our vision set by the Board of Directors and shareholders.

Jerry Brassfield Doddu (PhD.)
CEO, EARTHCORE Investments Limited