EARTHCORE Investments Limited stands at the forefront of international consultancy, renowned for delivering top-tier services in energy, environmental protection, sustainability, commodity trade, and strategic investments. Our esteemed reputation is founded on a commitment to excellence, global reach, and a profound impact on diverse sectors.


What sets us apart is our extensive network of reputable partners and contacts spanning Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. As one of the very few truly international consultancy firms in Ghana, we bring a unique blend of global expertise and local insight to every project.


Our consultancy services cover a spectrum of strategic and site-specific issues, offering invaluable guidance on business, regulatory, and governmental matters. We specialize in the energy, mining & minerals, waste management, planning & development, infrastructure, and industrial domains, positioning ourselves as industry leaders in these critical sectors.


At EARTHCORE Investments Limited, our focus extends beyond traditional consultancy; we are catalysts for sustainable development. Our expert advice and project management support seamlessly weave through the fabric of energy, environmental, and industrial landscapes, ensuring that our clients receive holistic and effective solutions.


As we navigate the intricate challenges of a dynamic global landscape, our consultancy expertise serves as a beacon, illuminating pathways for businesses and projects to thrive. EARTHCORE Investments Limited is not merely a consultancy firm; we are architects of strategic success, fostering sustainable practices and driving innovation across continents.